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LBH Extend is a multifunctional program for self-checking your language knowledge and is a written from scratch update of LBH [Alpha]. It is based on assignments and answers. There are three self-check modules but others can be written on your demand.

LBH Extend, aside from old LBH, has a new profile system, saving your results and progression of your language training. Another difference from old LBH is a training list with statuses of all trains that were added. For me, the most valuable benefit of LBH Extend is the feature of having every train in each tab thus saving its state apart from old version, where pausing a train without saving it is not possible.

LBH Android is an application for self-checking your language knowledge. It is based on assignments and answers. WordList and EnumWords module bases can be trained there now.

LBHSoft News:

LBH Android 1003 released.

LBH Extend 1009 released. Please make sure you read important information on the download page.

LBH Android 1002 released.

We are recruiting testers for LBH Android.

LBH Extend 1006 released.

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